Rose Perfume By Aura de Arabia


An intense and bright but light rose perfectly balanced with mandarin in parallel the musky wood notes very well worked and not earthy combines ideally with the whole. A perfume with natural extract are very well measured.

Oud Illusion Perfume By Aura de Arabia


The oud illusion combines the spicy notes, floral and fruity hints which creates extra ordinary fusion. The top note of grape fruit and amber wood perfectly supports the middle note of Spanish citrus and Bulgarian rose. The final blend of French sage which gives soft and heavenly final touch.

Khareef a fresh perfume by Auradearabia


Khareef is an Arabic word for the autumn season. A qualitatively very high quality chypre fragrance. The opening notes of pineapple, grape fruit and bergamot creates beast fresh notes. The middle notes of cedar, patchouli and jasmine lingers your senses. The final touch of oak mass and woody notes creates the beast complete.

Oud eclat is a light oud with leather by Aura de arabia


An addictive fragrance built around oud but set within a complex formulation to highlight different aggressive note which is leathery and saffron. The fragrance soon takes on more complex and mysterious structure where incense and pink pepper blends with styrax which brings complex, almost ethereal emotion to the fragrance.

A Pure Oud perfume By Aura de arabia


Oud is one of the most desired scent in the world today. It attracts modern artist to create a drama in between French and oriental fragrance. A holy divine fragrance which smells rich in nuances ranging from sweet to earthy, with some notes of sandalwood and amber that creates very seductive aroma. The birth of oud alpha is from extrait of oud underwater this makes the scent mesmerizing and addictive.

Oud Perfume By Aura de arabia


A majestic oud fragrance with bourbon, vanilla, bergamot and ambergris opening with a touch of lily valley and leather this makes it simple and powerful congregate of aura around you. This makes it supreme and dominating.

Oud perfume with Saffron By Auradearabia


Rich and commanding scent which releases a melody of refine notes. The first impression encapsulates the pure and powerful aroma of lavender, saffron, and nutmeg evolving into deep warm and spicy elixir of agarwood partners with patchouli and musk enhanced the ancient whisper of middle east.

A fresh Pomelo Perfume by Aura de arabia


A stunning mix of pomelo, grape fruit, lemon, tarragon and black current. That creates mix of heavenly luxury aura. The middle notes rises with orange blossom, clary sage, musk, vetiver, labdanum makes the perfect summer scent. The climax of civet and amber makes the scent immortal.

Tobacco Perfume by Auradearabia


An outstanding well balanced strong fragrance for men and women. Initially the rose and tobacco are the main stars. Plum, Pink pepper and cinnamon widen the rose and spice the tobacco. Chocolate and plum makes it even more calm and romantic. Its totally unisex the best way to describe the scent “Dark, Exotic, Sophisticated and elegant”

A floral and fruity perfume by Aura de Arabia


This exclusive blend has been created around fresh lilac blossom & Turkish rose. Some will detect milky rose. The fragrance opens with freshness of Turkish rose lilac blossom, lychee trio and grows into a mysterious smell, white musk and woody notes gives depth to floria and makes it subtle yet more complicated fragrance

A cherry perfume by Aura de Arabia


A perfect fragrance for spring, It’s a sensual and seductive fragrance. The opening note is very fresh and sweet cherry perfectly blended with smoked vanilla and tobacco making the scent very unique and warm. The long lasting note lingers on the skin for a very long time. The best fragrance to wear on a romantic date.

A strong Patchoulli fragrance by Aura de arabia


The best way to describe it is a very rich, refined classy scent for modern time. A very fresh and intense note of patchouli play together with frankincense and rose. The citrus add more freshness. This scent can be worn on many occasions But can also be used casually and its versatile all season.

A fresh Patchouli fragrance by Aura de arabia


A very sensual calm of precious patchouli brings breath into your life. It starts very green and fresh with clean civet. Bewitching and hypnotizing, this modern interpretation of patchouli manages to excite the senses. Patchouli and civet are the top notes which creates an interesting aura as they develop further on your skin.