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Aura de Arabia is the iconic and elegant perfume series. These perfumes are crafted from the highest quality ingredients and the most treasured naturals responsibly sourced from across the world.

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At Aura de Arabia we have the widest collection of oud and unisex perfumes. We create blends of most complex and interesting notes and its suitable for individuals who doesn't want to smell like anyone else in the room.

Perfumes for every Occasions


Fresh category comprises of citrusy smell such as lime, grapefruit etc. Which is best suitable for daily use to keep you fresh for whole day, these perfumes can be used as as a everyday perfume because they are suitable for all climate, But for best results its used in Summer and autumn season. Best example for fresh perfumes are Khareef & Absolute Pomelo


Floral category is generally dominated by a female audience. Floral scents generally consists of flowery and fruity smell with aldehydes powdery notes which generally indicates that the person who is outdoorsy, friendly and open. Best example for floral perfume is Radikal rose.


As name described woody notes are derived from the wood materials such as trees, roots, resins and products that hold earthy qualities. Is is best suitable for fall and winter climate which helps the fragrance to enhance and gives a rich smell to the user. Best example for the description is Oud Alpha


The word oriental fragrance refers the to the notes such like like amber, sandalwood, coumarin, vanilla and gum resins and more. the notes often smell beautifully indulgent and luxurious which makes it demanding for people all across the globe. The best example for the description is Oud by Elixir and Oud Illusion.

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